Trick or Treat

IMG_20151023_180951307_HDRWe’ve been under the weather at our house – Joey missed school Friday and barely moved from the couch.  He just wanted to cuddle up with me and of course being his momma I wrapped him in my arms and laid on the couch with him.  Day two I woke up feeling stiff and sore from lying around the house with him the day before and on top of that I awoke with a tickle in my throat and pain when I swallowed.  I notice as each year passes my immunity level seems to sink lower and lower as my reserves are all being utilized to battle my pain on a daily basis.  Doesn’t leave much to fight off a common cold or flu bug.

We waffled all day on Saturday as to whether or not we should even attempt trick-or-treating.  I tried to bribe him with the drive-in since he’s been wanting to see Goosebumps and he went along with the idea for about an hour but as dusk began rolling in he said he’d rather go trick-or-treating even if it was only to five or six houses.  So we threw on his Freddy Krueger costume and began our trek out into the spooky delights that Halloween always brings in our neighborhood.  We saw friends along the way and stopped long enough to say hello but Joey wasn’t up for chit-chat this year.  He didn’t even really care to go with friends.  He was on a mission to hit as many houses as he could before he wore himself out.

All along our journey we kept running into people who had been by our home, shrouded in darkness, no decorations up, and they were all very disappointed.  Our house is one of those destination houses.  You know what I’m talking about, the ones that they come to each year to see what the theme is.  Last year was arachnophobia with animated spiders sliding up and down the house, jumping out at the kids as they braved the walkway of webs to secure their candy sneaking by the gardener who had been consumed by them and his body cavity used to breed more of the little creatures.  Another year it was a haunted maze with the neighbors pitching in to staff it.  However this year my hubby had to work the holiday and he was beyond depressed.  He started to get out decorations and then decided screw it he wasn’t doing it if he didn’t get to be present to scare the kids and adults alike.  His favorite holiday and he was boycotting it.  I kept throwing ideas out but he just wasn’t into it and so I let it go.

When we’d hit about 10 houses we were done in so we headed home to pass out candy.  We had hordes of people this year.  Not just the groups of two to three kids at a time but groups that were ten or more.  It was crazy.  I kept having to run back into the house to get candy to replenish our cauldron.  I’d leave Joey in charge but each time I came back out he’d be surrounded by the masses and they’d just be helping themselves while he shouted, “Just one piece so everyone can get one”.  It was too cute.  I think he actually had more fun passing out treats then going out for them himself.  He and I both missed having our house decorated and getting to play a role.  I can tell you that after all the comments we received and bummed out expressions we will definitely be doing something next year and it’s going to have to be something extra special to make up for the fact that we bombed this year.  I told Larry to put in now for next Halloween off so that he could participate in his favorite holiday.

The neighbors up and down the block outdid themselves.  We had graveyards galore and a man getting the electric chair.  Cute ones with Casper the ghost and smiling jack-o-lanterns.  The kids ranging in age from those in strollers to 16 or so all outdid themselves in the costume category – everything from bumble bees to zombies.  I didn’t have one kid that came to my door who was not in a costume of some kind.  That’s a first since usually the teens barely put any effort into it.  I can’t wait to see what they all come up with next year.

So we didn’t trick anyone this year but we handed out lots of treats and in the end were treated to a parade of characters and some fabulously spooky decorations along the way.  Not bad for a Saturday night.