Trick or Treat

IMG_6761Last night was such a joy.  I got to spend time with my Daisy troop doing nothing but having fun.  My awesome Asst. Leader Karen opened her very decorated home for our party and the girls all came in costume.  Each was responsible for bringing a treat to share so we had everything from decorated cupcakes to candy bracelets to my contribution of eye of newt ice cream floats.

I created my own version of bingo, Halloween style.  The girls did really well at It winning chocolate covered caramels and marshmallows.  The really great part was that without being asked they just automatically go into helpful mode assisting those next to them with covering the right spots. The cards all held exactly the same characters just in various orders.  I had my own moment of joy when even after we all did the black out round they still didn’t get that they were all destined to win, they were just excited that they had all won together.

Our second game was “Hot Pumpkin” played to the Monster Mash theme.  They did an awesome job playing at it, not getting caught with the hot pumpkin on their hands when the music stopped.  Elsa won the big prize for that one and went home with a stuffed lion.

Being the responsible leader that I am (and more empathetic mom) I then took them outside to burn off some of the many treats they’d take part in.  We played freeze tag, hide and seek, Bloody Mary says…, red light green light, etc.  It was so much fun.

The girls voted to have a party every three months even if it’s not holiday themed but just for fun.  I think it was a good idea as who doesn’t enjoy a party.  It’s a great time to sit back and get to see the lessons we’ve been working on in action from helpful and kind to respectful.  I see it when we’re learning the lessons but it’s expected at those times, the real treat comes when you get to see them putting those lessons into play without being asked.  It validates that they are getting the concepts that I’m trying to teach and that the parents reinforce with the girls once they get home.

Now to prep for Friday’s Trunk or Treat with the Cub Scouts.  That to I am sure will be fun.



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