Fall is in the Air

Finally it’s beginning to feel like Fall and I couldn’t find more joy in that if I tried.  The slight briskness just energizes me and even on my worst day makes me want to get out of bed and spend some time outdoors.  So it is perfect timing that it’s upon us since yesterday Joey and I headed out to the skate park to join my sister-in-law and niece at my nieces skateboard lesson.  We hadn’t been to one in ages and it was great to get out and see Joey’s enthusiasm for the sport be rekindled.  Elsa was having a little bit of an off day – to many skaters in the park which created quite a distraction which didn’t lend to staying focused.  Still it was cute to see her get up on the board with her coaches help and coast around the bottom of the bowl.  They took there leave after only about a 1/2 an hour but Joey asked to stay on so we did.

He asked Gina all kinds of questions and she was kind enough to help him learn to lean into the curves a little more.  She’s one of those people that you are just instantly relaxed around and want to know more about.  While Joey skated she and I talked.  She’s originally from Italy and only relocated to the states because her parents opened up an Italian language school here in the Sacramento area.  It was interesting to learn that her interest in skating began the same as Joey’s – playing Tony Hawk video games when she was 8 years old on her brothers gaming system.  While they both had skateboards she wasn’t really encouraged to do the sport because she was a girl but she persisted and all on her own.  She baby sat and did odd jobs until finally at age 14 she could buy her own board.  She never saw the inside of an actual skate park until she was 17, had purchased her first automobile and could drive herself to one.  Now 10 years later she’s still loving the sport, is typically the only girl actually skating at the parks, and is sharing her love and skill set with the next generation many of whom are girls like my beautiful niece Elsa.  I love to see strong female role models out there not only for little girls but for my sons benefit as well.  It’s important to me that he realize for himself that men and woman are equal and capable of doing anything that they set their minds to.  He was so impressed with her, even more so than her friend Jay who is a professional skateboarder, that he’s negotiating with me for lessons with her.

Today we headed back over their with the hubby so he could check out Joey’s new skills.  I told him I could only go for an hour since I’m in the middle of Cub Scout popcorn orders but just watching his joy held me transfixed for a little over two hours this morning.  Before we’d even made it out of the park he was asking if we can come back again tomorrow.  That kid of mine, it’s always an all or nothing mentality.

Watching him skate around the park made me want to get a board of my own so we could do it together.  A pipe dream I know as those harsh landings would do me in when my body is already in so much pain on a daily basis just doing the basics of life but still a girl can dream.


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