The World at my Feet

I feel like I have the whole world at my feet right now with infinite possibilities.  Why you may ask?  It’s officially Spring Break at my son’s elementary.  We want to do everything – play dates with his friends, bowling, a little kite flying (if the wind will materialize), camping, baseball, a trip into San Francisco, etc.  So many things and only one week to do it and did I mention that we have to do it on the cheap.

While I feel like the possibilities are endless I also have to be cognizant of my Fibro.  If I go full throttle ahead this body of mine is going to eventually come to a complete standstill whether I want it to or not so pacing is the name of the game.  We’ll be starting off low key – an adventure of some kind with Daddy.  Perhaps a trip to the movie theatre to see Home followed by ice cream.  Tomorrow is an unknown but am thinking either a play date with his buddy Caden or a trip into the city.  Wednesday we’ve lined up bowling with his buddy Tommy in the afternoon and if the wind cooperates maybe a little kite flying in the morning.  Thursday and Friday may be the perfect time to get in a couple of nights of camping returning home on Saturday and a day of rest for me.  Sunday is Larry’s day off so am thinking we could head to the beach for a picnic and more kite flying.  And if it’s in the budget I would love to do Six Flags on Monday before he has to return to school the next day.  He and Larry both love the roller coasters and I love all the animals.  It would be a pretty full week but with low-key activities so I think I could pull it off without to many repercussions.

I really dislike being limited by my body.  It makes me mad and I have to stop and reassess just how lucky I am to be living this life, to have this time with my family.  That life truly is good.


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