“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Isn’t that an amazing quote? I love it and it really resonates with me. I’ve felt bereft of my meaning in life since I had to go on disability 12 years ago. When I worked I felt like I was contributing to society. When I got certified in massage therapy I felt that I was able to give back to my community, to my friends. All of that went away with my Fibromyalgia and the pain and limitations it places on me. Now that my son is in school I’m able to volunteer in his classroom – helping in the computer lab, assembling the weekly folders, acting as the Art Docent in his class and all of these small things make me feel worthy again, worthy of being a contributing member of my small community. Really putting energy into doing random acts of kindness is also contributing to my self-worth and my place in the world. They are nothing huge, just small gestures and yet I know that for the individual we’re doing them for that we’re making a difference in their life. I like to think that it creates a small ripple of kindness that will flow out. Perhaps it will inspire others to do the same, for the folks we help out to pay it back in kind when they get back on their feet. So really what Gandhi says is true, in a gentle way through simple gestures you can create a ripple effect around the world. To me that’s a beautiful thing.

Love Flowing Outwards

Love Flowing Outwards


One thought on ““In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

  1. What a great quote! I, too, struggle with feeling like I’m not contributing anything to the world so I love quotes like this that remind us that even the little things we do count.

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