ROK #2

We’ve been rocking our Random Acts of Kindness the last few days. Joey and I were able to take our small dog Duke with us to visit my mom and before we headed off we dressed him up as an elf. When we arrived at the SNF that my Mom resides at she was in the dining room with about 10 other residents. They had just finished their lunch. Well we walk in and Duke immediately runs to my Mom, jumping up on her in his excitement to be near her again. As you can imagine this made my Mom very happy. When she lived with us Duke was her shadow following her everywhere, jumping up in her lap, etc. and he has really missed her. After he had his reunion with her the other residents began calling us over or making hand gestures indicating the same. Joey patiently took Duke around to each person so they could pet and love on him. Duke was in heaven as he’d never turn down a belly rub or a scratch behind his ears. It made both Joey and I pleased to be able to bring a smile to their faces and we’re going to make it a part of our routine to bring him and my other dog Hoss around for a visit every couple of weeks.


I was also able to help out Joey’s teacher this week with an art project that was to be turned in the very next day. Our school was hosting a Breakfast with Santa today and each classroom was asked to provide a banner expressing their interpretation of the winter/holiday season as well as acknowledging those that were participating in the event with well wishes. Our banner turned out great and each of the kids in Joey’s class got to decorate an evergreen tree that would be incorporated on it. It was a fun project for me and even Joey got in the mix helping me to design and glue everything on it.


At the same event one of the 5th grade classrooms was soliciting money to try to purchase a pig and so we contributed what little money we had on hand. It wasn’t much but every little bit helps and I am hoping that they raise enough to purchase that pig and to help a family out with food.

Anyway those are just a few ways that my family contributed to our community and the world. It is really rewarding for us to help out wherever we can as we all feel it’s the little simple things that made a difference in everyone’s lives. Here’s to hoping that we’re able to make more opportunities that add to our lives and those lives around us.


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