Fall is in the Air

I love Fall for all it offers me and because it’s the one season that I always feel at my best. I get to take nature walks with my son picking out leaves of all colors, seeing if our hands are bigger than the leaves that have fallen from the trees. We get to partake of hot chocolate with those giant marshmallows melted on top. It’s the time of year that we break out the crockpot and have soups and stews and get to enjoy the scent of a hearty meal all day long as it cooks.

I love Fall because both Joey and Larry’s birthdays fall in the month of October and we always have a huge party for my little guy. This years theme is Carnival and he’s so excited because were going to have 10 booths with games (all homemade), face painting and temporary tattoos, and all his favorite foods from the carnival. There will be hot dogs and corndogs, pretzels and caramel apples and of course popcorn and cotton candy. We have tons of family and friends coming and the weather is forecasted to be beautiful that day.

I love Fall because we get to have family nights in front of the fire playing board games or building with Legos. Larry and I get to cuddle under tons of blankets at night as we breathe in the crisp air from the open window. And let’s not forget Halloween with all it’s decorations and the fact that my hubby goes crazy turning our house in a graveyard, or like last year building a haunted house for our neighborhood to enjoy.

As you can tell Fall is my favorite season and I’m so thankful to be living large in this season of delights.