Share Your World 2013 – Week 2

Week two is already upon us and Cee has come up with some fun questions to respond to so I say let’s get right to it.

Question: What is your favorite color?

Answer: Purple. I’m not sure why exactly but in giving it some thought and research it seems pretty fitting for me. It’s the color of the 7th Chakra which is known as the Crown Chakra – spirituality, strength, passion, and a sense of oneness in the world. I’m always looking for the connections with people, the earth, myself, my thoughts so it’s fitting that it’s my favorite. And besides it looks great on just about everyone don’t you think?

Question: Favorite thing to photograph? Write? Or Cook?

Answer: My favorite thing to photograph is nature followed closely by people – generally people I don’t even know. I love to capture the nuances in both, what a line in someone’s face signifies or the rings of a tree. I find it fascinating. I love to write anything and everything – plain old journaling, poetry, short stories. As for cooking, I love trying new things from other cultures. Sushi making, check. Hand rolled pasta, check. You name it and I’m willing to give it a try but, and that’s a big BUT I don’t like to do it alone. I love cooking with my husband, my son, my friends.

Question: Name two of your best personality traits.

Answer: I’d have to go with my sense of wonder and my loyalty to family and friends.

Question: What word or words are fun for you to say?

Answer: Spaghetti which I always pronounce as sketti and Napkin which I always tend to leave the p out of if we’re being literal. I also have a lot of fun with words in general. Joey is just learning his letters and so he’s always trying to spell words that make no sense. On the way to school he’ll say letters out loud and then ask me what word he spelled. Usually it’s something like PTEEROS and I’ll respond that isn’t a word but just letters he’s strung together. This is almost always followed by his request for me to sound it out anyway and when I do he always says, “See Mom, it is a word.” Don’t even get me started on the definitions we come up with for some of his words or you won’t be able to stop laughing. For example did you know that PTEEROS means a purple and orange dinosaur that wears footed pajama’s? See you learn something knew every day.

Now how about you… how would you answer these questions?


7 thoughts on “Share Your World 2013 – Week 2

  1. Purple also has something to do with Angels but I can’t remember what. Which is only useful if you believe in Angels.

    You saying about the word you like, the food I like to cook is spaghetti bolognese – or spag-bol. I will ask my kids to get the sketti out of the cupboard, or the marties (tomatoes) I may be 45, but I’ll always speak like an idiot (at home anyway)

  2. I don’t know what I truly believe in any more… seems to be continuously expanding on a daily basis. My little one is always opening my eyes with his deep belief in God, especially when that teaching is not coming from me though I’m strongly encouraging him to delve deeper in it. As for Angels, well I believe my loved ones that have passed on are always looking out for me so I’d definately count them as my angels.

    Just looked up the history of spaghetti bolognese… do you make yours with veal and pancetta? I’m going to have to give this a try. I just make regular sketti with beef, onion and peppers in it and it’s okay but not one of my favorites. The bolognese sounds much more interesting.

  3. My favorite color, as is yours has always been purple. However over the last few years I have really been falling in love with the color Sage and other variations of green. I find it so soothing.

    As for photos, I dearly love taking photos in nature and when the light is right I so love shooting in old cemetery’s. Also my pups. They are always giving me reason to get out the camera. I can’t honestly say I do much writing, though I do so like it. With regards to cooking and baking, I love to get in the kitchen and play. I do believe it is my favorite of all pass times. I love to take an idea for a meal and bring it to fruition. I very rarely use a recipe unless baking. I love inventing my own concoctions. Suffice it to say, dinners are never boring around my house.

    As for favorite words, my new one would have to be PTEEROS! I love that definition!

    • I had so forgotten about the cemeteries, which I also love to write in, and about the doors. Remember when I used to take photo’s of all the doors? Of course now that my online photo’s seem to be gone forever I guess I won’t ever see them again unless I find an actual hard copy in one of the boxes in the garage.

  4. Pteeros is a great name for a purple and orange dinosaur! I love it!

    I’m going to answer these questions in a blog post of my own. I ran across the challenge last week and planned to join in. It’s fun to see how people respond.

    • It really is a lot of fun Trisha… and it motivates me to write even when I don’t feel like doing it because of my depression sometimes. I’m looking forward to reading your answers. Have a great day.

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