You Plan, God Laughs

You know what they say about the best laid plans right… you plan and God laughs, well that is how my year has begun. We had my great-niece Gracie come to stay with us for a couple of days and planned a snow day for her and Joey on the 3rd only to have the kids cough all night and for me to get a stomach bug that kept me up all night and in bed the majority of the day. But we got the last laugh because we didn’t let it get us down. I broke out my new Entertainment Book for 2013 and began flipping through the pages. In just moments Larry and I agreed upon Scandia and Plan B was formulated. Larry would take the kids, bundled up to keep the chill out, out for lunch followed by a round of miniature golf and some time in the arcade and then cap the day off with ice cream treats from Cold Stone.

Was I bummed that I was missing out? You betcha, but my heart was dancing inside because I knew they were still going to get to have a fun adventure with or without me. Larry, darling hubby that he is, took the camera with him so that I could enjoy their fun after the fact. They came dancing in the house, showing me their treasures – balloons, tattoo’s, magnetic rattle snake eggs, and candy which of course there was no evidence of since they’d eaten it on the way home and telling tall tales about how they kept beating one another until the last hole when the hole beat them both. I still haven’t heard how Daddy did but I bet he at least beat the last hole.

Instead of looking on the day as a downer I think it turned out to be quite positive. Our plans didn’t go as originally planned, but we quickly formulated another as a family, my husband rose to the occasion and gave the kids a day they’d remember and gave me the time to try to get back on my feet. I got to enjoy their pleasure of the day in their storytelling and I got to see it up close through my hubby’s photo’s. All in all, not a bad way to start the year off.


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