I ask you is there anything better than sitting and listening to the rain fall and knowing in a short while you’ll get to smell the earth as if it was born anew? I think not. It instantly relaxes me washing all tension away. I know it’s not as easy to get around in, makes the roads slick and takes longer to get where you need to go. I know it makes my body ache more with the cold of it and yet still it’s one of my very favorite simple pleasures.

Often I would take these things for granted, not even taking real notice of them but not any longer. I know now that watching the raindrops roll off the ends of the leaves is a gift, a meditation I get for nothing more than paying attention. How awesome is that?

Add to that the new pleasure of watching our kittens antics when they race through the doggy-door only to be confronted with this new phenomenon called rain – it’s priceless I tell you. At first they tuck tail, turn and run right back in through that doggy-door but as the hours roll on so does their bravery. Before long I can sit at the end of my bed and watch them chase one another through the tall grass, just like the jungle cats their predecessors were, playing and tackling one another forgetting for a moment that it is even raining until one darts for cover into the middle of a bush and comes out soaked and of course runs right back through the doggy-door and up onto the bed and my lap, mud and all. Still it’s worth it to just watch the joy of their living, the playfulness. It’s a good lesson for me to never forget to play, and to find the joy in each moment.


One thought on “Raindrops

  1. Those are two great simple pleasures to have. So relaxing and makes all the troubles go away. Great post to remind us to just enjoy the little things.

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