Nurturing Nature

I am one of those folks who feel most inspired when I’m out in nature.  It’s where spirit moves me and creativity is born.  Sunshine or rain makes no difference to me, there is always inspiration to be found.  Apparently my son feels the same as today I was awoken by the excited voice of my little guy shouting, “You guys, hurry, hurry there’s a rainbow right outside our window”.  To this, Larry and I rushed out into the living room to see a glorious rainbow sprouting out of the top of a tree just on the other side of our back fence.  How perfect is that.  We stood there in awe, as a family, talking about the colors that were clearly in view and how although we could sort of see the beginning we couldn’t tell where the rainbow ended.  The mysteries of nature at her finest.

I’m not a “God” type person, it’s just never been in my nature as I’m more moved by nature itself and align my beliefs more with the Native American traditions, although I have no ancestry in that direction.  It just seems like the right set of beliefs for me personally.  My husband on the other hand was raised Christian and was the son of a preacher with all the good and bad that goes along with that and it is important to him that our son learns about God, and it’s important to me to as I want Joey to be able to make his own choices as he grows.  So we currently have Joey enrolled in a Christian based transitional kindergarten and he is beginning to learn all about his father’s God and the glorious powers that He holds – such as the creation of rainbows.  Every day, all day long there are a 100 questions thrown my way about God, His creations, what He expects of his children, etc. and I find it so amusing that it is left to me to field all these questions as I’m his main caregiver since my hubby works outside our home.  How do I answer these questions without bias of my own beliefs?  Or is it okay to color his view with my own?  I’m not sure what the answer is to be honest.  Instead I’ve chosen to learn from my little one, allowing him to share with me what he is learning at school and how it makes him feel and think.  I’ve taken on the role of researching and locating different Christian books and movies that don’t smack my beliefs in the face while at the same time allow him to learn more about God.

I do believe there is a great creator, one entity in and of itself, so I can see my way to agreeing that exists, be it God, Buddha, Mother Nature or whatever name you want to put on it.  At the same time I want Joey to learn what I believe in as well such as treating others not only as you’d want them to treat you but even better; that we only have one world and so it is our responsibility to take care of it and one another; that each piece of nature is to be cherished for its beauty and its ability to sustain our lives.  I want him to be in awe of what our Creator has made each time he steps out that door and into the world.  To nurture it and in turn be nurtured by it.  I want him to hear Gods promises in the whisper of the wind through the trees, and in the smile of another child.  I believe that both things can work in harmony – his fathers beliefs and my own.

As for me, I’m going to sit here in silence on this morning, listening to the rain pitter patter onto the lawn, watch the wind whip the trees into a frenzied dance of winter, and be thankful for the gifts that my Creator has bestowed upon me.


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