What does God mean to you?

I’m always saying I don’t believe in a traditional God (much to my in-laws disappointment), that I align more with the Native Americans and their philosophy that you give thanks for all you have, treat others better than you’d want to be treated, and show respect to those around you.  Having said that I do believe there is a greater power or being that created this beautiful world we live in and I want my son to grow up knowing that in all it’s forms so that he can make his own decisions when he’s of the right age to want to do that.  We give thanks before going to bed, he and Daddy say a traditional Christian prayer, we talk to his friends about their beliefs, and so on.  As he grows I will take him from church to temple and out into the woods to help him gain knowledge that will ultimately lead him to believe what he wants to believe.  I hope whatever he chooses brings him strength and understanding.  As for me, I’ll go on believing what I believe and respecting other folks beliefs as well.

I came across this essay on one of my Fibromyalgia groups and it just grabbed hold of me because a lot of it aligns with my way of thinking.  In posting this I’m not putting down anyones beliefs, saying one type of religion is better than another, it is simply food for thought.  It is written under the name OSHO.

To accept this simple fact that your daily life is your temple and your religion-just the understanding of this simple fact is going to become a great transformation. Then you cannot do many things you have always been doing, because it is everywhere-the sacred land-and every moment you are dealing with God. You cannot cheat customers; you cannot be possessive of your children, because they are closer to God than you are. Their innocence is a bridge, your knowledge is a wall, a China wall; you can only be respectful to the children. You cannot act in the old way because you are always acting inside the temple, and each of your acts is a prayer. In each moment you are surrounded by God. His presence will be felt even in your wife, in your husband, in your friend, in your enemy, because except Him, nobody else exists…

To make the whole of life a temple, and the whole of life a religion, is the only way of the real seeker. He does not go to look into the holy books. Books are books; no book is holy and no book is unholy. Read them if you enjoy the poetry; read them is you enjoy their prose; read them if you enjoy their mythologies-but remember, no book can deliver you the taste of religion. Yes, a flower may be able to do it; a bird on the wing maybe able to do it; a tree rising high and dancing in the sun may be able to do it. The whole existence becomes your holy book: read it, listen to it, and slowly, slowly, you will become aware that you are surrounded by an energy of which you have been completely unconscious. It is almost like the fish who does not know anything about the ocean, because it is born in the ocean, it has lived in the ocean, and one day it will die in the ocean. It was part of the ocean, just a wave; it knows nothing of the ocean. The fish comes to know the ocean only when a fisherman pulls her out of the ocean and throws her on the beach in the hot sand. Then she knows that she has missed her real home, of which she has never been aware. Now she is thirsty, trying in every possible way to reach back and jump into the ocean. Out of the ocean she becomes aware of what she has missed. People become aware only at the time of death of what they have missed , because death comes like a fisherman, pulling you out of the ocean of life. As you are pulled out of life, suddenly you realize, “My God! I have been alive, and I never became aware of it. I could have danced, I could have loved, I could have sung-but now it is too late.” People become aware only at the time they are dying, that they have been continuously surrounded by the eternal energy of life, but they never participated in it. Your daily life is your temple, and your religion. Act in awareness, act consciously, and naturally many things will start changing.
I’ve come to realize since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, amongst other things, that each moment is a gift and if I listen quietly and with purpose I can see and hear creation at work.  It also makes me savor each moment for what it is, to slow down and truly appreciate it and this is the gift that Fibromyalgia has given me.  I’m no longer that fish swimming in the ocean unaware of the ocean, I’ve seen land and the fisherman and now know just how delicate and beautiful the ocean is.  OSHO wherever you are thank you for sharing this piece of insight with me, I really appreciate the beauty of your words.
So what does God mean to you?

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