What are you doing with your dash?

I came across this on one of the blog sights that I regularly read, ‘be yourself… everyone else is taken’ by Beth, and it really hit home.  This is an excerpt from her post regarding the death of her sixteen year old nephew and his funeral service.

~Pastor George told us to notice how all the headstones in the cemetery have something in common, “the day you arrive here on earth and the day you leave this earth” but that that isn’t what matters.  What matters is the “dash” in between.~

I found this to be a startling revelation because it’s so true.  It made me ask myself what I’m doing with my dash.  Am I living it fully each day, each hour.  Am I being the kind of person that I see myself as – kind, compassionate, creative, funny, etc.  For the most part I think I am though I’m susceptible to the occasional bad day too especially when I’m in a lot of pain and I notice that I’m cranky and tend to get short and snippy with those I love the most.  It’s a work in progress.  It made me ask if I was doing what I love the most and doing it on a daily basis and my answer to that question was “yes and no”.  I get to have a family, love them and care for them, and that’s the number one thing I want to be doing but I also want to travel and I haven’t been doing any of that for a number of years.  I want to be more creative – writing and taking photo’s and I haven’t really been doing much of either.  I’m going to start saving today for a good camera, the kind I used to use when I was in my 20’s and carefree, where every adventure was captured on film from my unique perspective.  I want to get back to the joy of cooking and to doing it with my whole family as that makes it all the more fun.  I want to donate some of my time to my local battered women’s shelter and share my gift of massage therapy so that they can once again be reminded that touch can be a good thing, gentle and soothing.  And I want to do all those things now as I don’t know just how long my dash is and I want to make sure that when it’s carved into that headstone that it represents everything I ever wanted, did and received.

So I ask you, “What are you doing with your dash?”.

If you want to check out Beth’s blog you can find it here:  http://moredoors.blogspot.com/


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