Boys and their Toys

There is just something about boys, big and little, and their toys.  Whether it’s Hot Wheels and trains at 2 or Harley’s and boats at 42, from this girls perspective it’s always about boys and their toys.  Who has the biggest, the fastest, the shiniest, or the latest one on the market.  And I don’t think there is anything better than boys and their toys when it’s a father and son sitting on the floor playing together.  I’m the great co-conspirator in these types of happenings around our house.  I get to go out and secure the newest bauble – usually Lego’s as that is what Joey is really into these days and I get all the joy of giving him his specials prize and then when Daddy gets home from work he gets the joy of sitting down and creating the magic with him.  This time around it was the new Super Hero line and I picked the one with Superman, his nemesis Lex Luther and his flying machine, and just for old times sake a little Wonder Women was thrown in the mix.  A girls gotta sneak the girls in any way she can.

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They literally have their little routine down.  Joey goes running out the door the minute he hears his Dad roar up on his motorcycle to show him the latest treasure, Daddy gets a brief moment to kiss me hello, take a potty break, and then it’s all boys down on the floor.  First they have to sort each piece into piles based on color and size and once that’s done the fun begins.  Joey usually grabs up all the pieces that create the Lego men or women and assembles them while Daddy starts the gargantuan process of assembling the more complex components.  Joey gets to help by handing him the next piece needed and helping to press them down into place.

During this whole process I’m just a fly on the wall taking in their joy.  I think for those moments in time both of them have forgotten I even exist, or that I’m the wizard behind the curtain making it all happen.  They are 100% engaged in what they are doing and in one another.  Plans are hatched on the best way to assemble it, Daddy sneaking a math lesson in the mix as they count out pieces or reaffirming Joey’s color knowledge base and throughout it all there are smiles and giggles.  When the final project is complete they both sit back and admire their hard work, mirror images of one another, my two guys.  Joey declaring it his special toy which is code for no other kids get to play with it for a few days and Daddy saying he better keep it special because he’s not going to keep rebuilding it everyday (even though he does when Joey breaks something off or his friends accidentally decide to undo all that hard work).

Together, my two guys, make quite a great team and yes I’ll admit I’m a little jealous of their boys club but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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