Sunrise, dawn of a new day and the opportunity for endless pleasures.

I woke up in so much pain that it hurt to even roll over to crawl out of bed.  The first thought was “oh man, this is going to be one of those days” but luckily for me another thought popped into my head squashing that one and it was the voice of my hubby saying to me last night “I put the hot tub on for you”.  Ahhhhh, relief was in sight.  I nudged him and asked him if he could take off the top for me and of course he responded with “sure baby”.  I have one good, good man by my side.  He wandered back in the house and told me it was at 102.  This made me very happy.

I grabbed a towel, and snuck out their in my birthday suit (lucky for me none of my neighbors windows are able to look into our backyard and we have no neighbors at all to the rear of us).  I slipped into that water and into pure bliss.  Is there anything better than submerging yourself in a perfectly warm pool of water?  Well yes there is because my day got even better.  The sun was just rising so I got to watch the colors emerge through our big ol’ Oak tree painting the sky in soft pink and gold, just beautiful.  And then the piece de resistance, my hubby brought me a cup of hot sweet tea.  Now I’m thinking to myself that life is good, really good and aren’t I lucky to have such a loving and caring hubby, to be able to get to enjoy the sunrise and listen to the world as it comes awake.  As my soul awakens the pain recedes some and I think what a great day this is going to be.

After I got out I headed into the shower to wash off the chlorine and enjoy a little more heat and the whole time I’m in their the kittens are just having a great time right outside the shower doors chasing each other, attacking their own images in the bathroom mirror, and basically getting into mischief with my makeup brushes, the cords we have around the sinks, etc.  It was quite fun to watch them.  And then in their exuberance they chased each other in to the toilet room and up onto the toilet itself and oops in they went.  I had forgotten to put the lid back down.  I burst out laughing and luckily they managed to catch themselves before they completely went in so it was only the tips of their tails and a little bit of their hind legs that got wet, but boy if you could have seen the expressions on their face of pure annoyance you’d have been laughing with me.

As I stood there towelling off I reflected that I hadn’t even been up an hour and yet I’d already enjoyed so many simple pleasures.  Isn’t that what life is all about after all, I know it is for me.


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