Lucky Me

Yesterday was a hard day for me as I had practically no energy and was aching all over, but I didn’t have time for self-care since I had to get Joey to his dental appointment, then on to school, and needed to get some grocery shopping done.  We made the dental appointment – no sugar bugs so we were both really happy and I was extremely proud of how well he worked both with the dental technician and his doctor Miss Jenny, but I decided to blow off school as he’d only have gotten in 1 1/2 hours and it would have meant more running around on my part.  So off he, my service dog Hoss, and I went to the grocery store.  $81.00 later I had a basket full of fresh veggies and fruits and a few staples and we were off to home.  By the time I got done unloading the car and putting everything away I felt like I just wanted to lay down and die but you can’t do that when you have an almost 5-year-old and a 74-year-old mother that you have to take care of.  Joey was easy for lunch since he’d begged for a pizza Lunchable at the store and I quickly whipped up some eggs for my mom along with some honeydew melon.  And by the way, that honeydew melon was the sweetest thing I think I’ve ever tasted; it turned out to be one of my simple pleasures of the day.

While they were eating their lunches I decided to lay down for a little bit.  When Joey was done he crawled up on the bed with me and asked, “Mom do you need a nap?” and I responded that I did.  He said big boys like him didn’t take naps anymore but he could stay in bed with me and watch cartoons on the computer while I had an afternoon nap.  He was so earnest in his statement that it made me almost cry.  He watched cartoons and I got to rest for about an hour.

When we crawled out of my big ol’ comfy bed I told him he had to do school work since he’d missed school that day and he got so excited which made me happy that he was so enthused.  I got out my pre-K school bin and we worked for about an hour.  He did tracing of diagonal lines, circles, squares as well as counting the number of each that he was tracing.  Then we went on to ABC flashcards, which I now realize we need to be doing much more often, and went through them tracing the letter with his finger and saying them out loud.  Then I had him pull out all the letters for his nickname JOEY and spell it out in the correct order.  He was excellent at this last task and I was so proud.  When this was completed I had him trace his proper name six times and he did it nearly perfect on 5 out of 6 times.

I feel so lucky to have a child who loves learning and approaches it with enthusiasm, and to have a child who somewhat understands that Mommy has good and bad days and takes them in stride.  All I can say is “I LOVE me some Joey”.


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