30 Things or more

30 things.

I came across this and while it’s not exactly my story, it’s very similar. I wish everyone understood the toll Fibromyalgia takes on a person and on their family. It’s hard, really hard and yet under it all, under all that pain is hope and the desire to see and acknowledge all the simple pleasures I’ve been blessed to have. My sons laughter, my husband’s love, supportive friends who try to get “it” even if they don’t really understand it, and family in general lifting me up and getting me out of my funks. Being able to watch the sun rise as I let my body come awake and stretch out all the kinks that have accumulated while I’ve been still. The sweet taste of cinnamon toast and a hot cup of tea. The ability to ride a bike still even if only for short distances and to see my Joey’s face light up when I ask him if he wants to go for a ride with me. The joys at seeing him accomplish his goals like riding without training wheels. Watching him and Larry do the “swing” in the back yard like a carnival ride, laughter ringing out from all of our bellies. The way Hoss seems to know when I need soothing and the way he lays his head very gently on my leg and lets me just stroke and stroke his head and the way he talks to me in his own dog way.


I’d ask all of you to read 30 Things, take it in and know how those 30 things affect me, and Larry, Joey and Mom. Take note, it means a lot to me just for you to be aware, to understand that while I may look okay and am putting on a brave front inside I may be aflame with pain and have no energy. That I may have to cancel on our plans at the last second because I’m just not up to doing anything. That I hurt on a daily basis. That my house may be messy but I’d rather spend my energy playing with my son. Take note, please.



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