My Simple Pleasures

I named my blog Simple Pleasures because I think those are the best kind.  For instance does it get any better than laying in bed in the morning and watching the sun rise.  The golden glow slowly evolving from bottom to top, co-mingling with the pale blue sky.  Or the way the early morning sun makes the leaves on our old oak tree glow as if they’re lit from within.  Does it get any better than strawberries fresh from the fields, sliced and displayed in a beautifully colored cereal bowl?  I guess it does, because if you sprinkle just a little sugar on top it’s as close to perfection as I know how to get.

How about my favorite pleasure – the first kiss and cuddle as Joey wakes up.  Stretching out like one of our kittens, making his own mewling sounds.  Recalling how when he was born I could practically hold him in one hand and now when I pick him up to give him a hug, his feet hang below my knees.  At this rate, he’ll be as tall as I am by the time he enters Kindergarten.

What about the joy in watching two kittens play, oblivious of everything else going on around them, wrapped up in each other and having fun.  Spilling over the lego’s, attacking the dogs paws as he runs in his sleep, trying to sneak sips of milk out of Joe’s cup.  Does it get any better than that I ask – and best of all they’re all free.  The only investment you have to make is being present and aware of what’s going on around you and for making that investment your bound to get smiles and a full heart in return.  It doesn’t get any more simple than that.


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