Just A Swingin’

I ask you, “Is there anything more joyful than swinging your little one?”.  I think not especially when it’s on a swing that your Daddy built for you and that is hanging off the big ol’ oak tree in your very own backyard.  I forgot how such a simple pastime could bring so much joy to a little boys heart.  For a while, Joey would always come in and beg, “please push me on the swing Momma or Daddy” and sometimes we’d do it but more often than not we’d be wrapped up in something else and tell him “not now, maybe later” only later never seemed to materialize.  Then one day I was watching him out there, listening to his laughter, and thought to myself why am I missing out on this.  I mean seriously these moments are fleeting, here today and gone forever.  So I started to push him and I think Joey got the message that I was getting as much joy from it as he because now instead of begging to be pushed he asks, “Momma would you like to push me on the swing?” as though he realizes it’s a gift he’s bestowing on me and you know what, he’s right.  It is a gift, a simple gift, but a gift all the same and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Daddy has been getting in on the fun as well and we each have our own unique way of doing it so it’s always fresh and fun.  Larry grabs hold of one of the ropes and swirls him round and round much like the swing ride at the county fair.  As for me, I swing him regular style, but super high, until his head skims the branches and laughter rings out.  Larry and I both do one where we spin him round and round until the ropes are twisted from top to bottom and then we bring him up and back and let go and as he swings back and forth he’s also spinning round and round getting dizzier and dizzier.  I think that last one is his favorite since it’s the one he asks for the most.

His friends, particularly Trevor, Garrett, and Colton also love the swing in our backyard.  They don’t like to go as high as Joey does, but they love all the varieties that we offer.  By the time I’m done pushing them all, I’m usually exhausted, but still gullible enough to give them all one more turn and in return I’m granted smiles from all around, and my heart fills up with joy.


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