Words, words, words

I’ve been managing to get in a little “me” time of late, an hour here, a half our there – it’s been nice.  I’ve been using it to get back into writing.  I found a site that gives me random topics or scenarios and you take it from there.  I’m finding that the words are just flowing and I’m able to get into story lines really easily.  Don’t know if any of it would be of interest to anyone else or worthy of publishing but I’m really enjoying the whole process.  Am hoping that by rekindling this passion for words that eventually I’ll get back in the groove of writing poetry and short stories.  Writing is almost like a meditation for me.  I know you’re probably thinking to yourselves if writing is such a passion why does she let so much time go between posts – right?  Typing the text is not the same for me as feeling my hand coast across the paper, seeing the words emerge, trying to have my hand keep up with my brain as the words just flow out of me.  I love everything about it and the fact that you can do it for five minutes, or an hour or more.  I also realize I am really missing my writing partner Cheryl.  When we lived together we’d get together with another friend and do a writing date.  We’d all pick the topic that we wanted to write on and then we’d all begin.  Set the timer for 15 minutes and just write.  It was always interesting to see how all though we were writing on the same topic, our words and ideas were so varied.  I also liked that we were so committed to the process.  Another thing Cheryl and I used to do was refrigerator poetry.  We had a ton of those magnetic words on our fridge and we’d alternate – me writing something out one day, and her the next.  It was inspiring and I think made us better writers because of it.  I now have my magnets back on the fridge and have begun to do it again.  I think Larry really likes to see me fiddle with the words because he knows it brings me please, just another simple pleasure that brings me so much joy.  So what’s your passion, and more importantly what are you doing with it?


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