Fibro Flare Again

I’m going on day 4 of a flare-up and I keep thinking each night that tomorrow will be better only this time around each day is a little worse.  I haven’t had one like this in a long time and it is literally sucking the life out of me.  In the last 4 days all I’ve managed to accomplish is getting my mom in the shower on Friday and moving all our clothing into the smaller closet today so that I can utilize the larger one for my crafts and Joey’s school area.  I’ve had the paint for our bedroom now for over a week, I’m going with turquoise with a deepest aqua for the accent, and I have yet to begin.  Our house is in utter chaos as I’ve been to tired to even keep on top of Joey and his friends in making sure that they pick up the toys as they play from one thing to the next and how is it possible that all my kitchen counters can be clean and cleared off one day only to be completely cluttered up the next?  So frustrating.  As anyone who knows me knows I am already not the best housekeeper as I hate the whole process and when I’m feeling out of sorts like I am now it’s an even harder chore to keep it all looking tidy and neat.

Don’t get me wrong, Larry is a BIG help but at the end of his work day after getting up at 3:30 AM to get ready for his work day by the time he walks in the door in the afternoon he is already bushed.  And I have to say he’s been staying on top of our backyard keeping the lawn mowed, trees and shrubs trimmed, and the debris hauled away to the dump on a regular basis.  Plus he cooks – and I mean cooks good.  Right now he’s out prepping the bar-b-que for tri tips, has a homeade brandy peach cobbler in the oven, and somehow in the middle of all his culinary wizardry he even managed to repair the doors on one of our sheds.  Sometimes the man just amazes me.  But alas he too is not to big into the task of keeping our house clean.

I’ll be so glad when this flare lightens up and I can get back to living, housework and all.