New Home… Now the Fun Begins

Wow so much has gone on in the last couple months – Mom suffered a stroke and Crystal and I had to deal with the hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and board and care facilities before deciding the best place for Mom was back at home with Larry, Joey and I.  We purchased our first home, a three bedroom two bath single story in Mather on the same street as two of my very good friends and 8 of Joey’s little friends – to say he’s living in bliss is an understatement.  My hubby is so pleased with himself on purchasing his very first home.  Each evening I can find him surveying his land as he smokes his cigar – our house is on a 1/4 acre lot, has a small fruit orchard, 2 patios, 2 sheds, a large grassy area and an absolutely huge oak.  He has big plans floating around in that head of his – a bar, a pizza oven, a fire pit.  I keep having to remind him that the whole point of a big backyard was so that Joey can have a place to play with his friends safely.

While we technically live on a circle it feels more like a court.  There are only 8 houses on it and in the center of the circle is a huge grassy area that the HOA maintains and that the kids love to play on.  They can ride their bicycles safely, play superheroes, and run back and forth to one another’s houses without threat of being picked up by strangers.  With our situation with Mom and our limited time allowed away from our home, this makes for a perfect situation for Joey to still have fun with his playmates.

I’m finding myself feeling a little claustrophobic these days, and sad that Larry and I seem to be experiencing even less “date” nights than before.  On the positive side we’ve only been here three weekends and already we’ve managed to fit in three get togethers with family and friends, and it’s lovely when the going gets to tough that I can just walk across the street and get a fresh perspective from my good friend Jessica.  Seems like she’s become my voice of reason in all the medical issues that we are facing with Mom.

And I do get to put my creative juices into play with selecting paint, and window coverings, etc.  It’ll be so nice not to have to ask permission to do things around the home since we officially own the home.  Eventually we’d like to get a pool put in but that will be several years down the road.  In the interim we’ll probably end up with an above ground pool just so the kids will have a place to play and Joey can keep up with his swimming skills.  We do have a hot tub in the back but unfortunately the main circuit board is shot so we’re trying to find a replacement now via the internet.  Hopefully we’ll be able to find one soon and begin to experience the joys of hot tubbing.  I figure the kids can splash in it during the day without heat and then Larry and I can enjoy it in the evenings with the heat on.

We’re going to put in a veggie garden before the end of the month and begin to eat the fruits of our labor.  Joey is so excited about having his own garden just like “Caillou”.  I’m telling you that cartoon has gotten me into more adventures than any other because Joey always wants to do the things that Caillou is doing, from gardening to road trips to playing in the rain puddles.  It makes for some fairly interesting days.

Anyway now that we’re in the new home I say let the fun begin.  I plan on enjoying every moment of being a homeowner and watching our house blossom into the home that Larry and I envision for our family.