T-Ball Fun

Joey is on his first official T-ball team this year, the Orioles, through the Rancho Cordova Little League.  I was worried it might be a repeat of last year’s soccer league where he was gung-ho to do it and then once we started it was one tantrum after another.  Instead I have this wonderfully enthused little boy who asks every day if he gets to play a game or have practice with his buddies.  Even when it’s 90+ degrees out and were practicing under the clear blue skies, sweat running down his face, he’s still having a ball.  I on the other hand am usually out there sitting in whatever piece of shade I can find, sweat running down my face thanks to my wonderful midlife hot flashes, wondering how I find myself out on the t-ball fields at the ripe ol’ age of 45 and noting to myself that I wouldn’t change a thing.

In the few weeks that he’s been playing he has improved so much, going from not knowing how to stand at the plate to hitting line drives right at the 2nd basemen’s knees, and using his “alligator” hands to catch the ball as it comes his way.  Larry, along with his coaches Justin and John, have been instrumental in Joey’s success at this game as they each love to work with the boys and have the patience of a saint.  Not to mention their excitement when the kids improve or make a good move, or even if they don’t make the right move but they do it with such enthusiasm, then the guys get excited and announce high-5’s all the way around.

Needless to say, Joey is really loving this experience.  He love the game itself, the throwing and at-bats, having his Auntie Crystal, Grandma and Pop Pop come out to watch him play (along with Mommy and Daddy of course), and getting to play with his buddies, new and old.  And I too am loving getting to know the other parents – granted half the time I can’t recall names – of the kids or the parents, but am really enjoying getting in some adult conversation and making new friends myself.

We’re halfway through t-ball season and now is the time I have to decide if we’re going to go for soccer this year.  Joey is saying he wants to and I just keep having flashbacks to last year and thinking “Hell NO!”, but then I look at how happy he is on the Orioles and that these same boys and girls would be on his soccer team and I think – “why not, what could it hurt”.  Call me crazy, but I’m loving this life and watching my little baby grow into a fine little boy who is at his best when he’s hanging with his buddies and having fun.