Kissin Cousins are so much fun!

Joey and I had the best day with Mary and Elsa this past Saturday.  We headed out on an adventure to Fairytale Town where the story books come to life as I told Joey and had a really awesome day.  The kids played really well together, Mary and I got in some good girl time together, and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.  We checked out the animals – the three little pigs, Peter Cottan Tail and all his friends, Eyeore the mini-donkey, and Daisy the cow; played at the playground inside Fairytale town, and went down countless slides.  My favorite was Owls house in Poohland – it was super fast though I think the kids enjoyed the Old Woman who lived in a Shoe slide best as they went down it the most.  We caught a quick lunch of corn dogs and snowcones, applesauce puree and snacks that we’d brought from home.

Joey and I had never been to Fairytale Town before although we’d been by it several times over the years when we were venturing out to the Sacramento Zoo or Funland.  I loved how they had a little of this story and a little of that story so that it kept the kids interested.  By far our favorite part of the park had to be the Crooked Mile.  We all went through it a couple of times, then Mary, Elsa and Joey did it a couple of more times (I was pooped), and then Joey ran through it all by himself.  I wish I had a 10th of that kids energy sometimes.  It’s a fun elevated trail that widens and narrows and winds around and around the foliage and trees.  A lot of fun and you don’t even realize you’re putting in a mile… if it truly is a mile which I’m doubting.  If it is though, I told Mary we need to build one in our backyards because you don’t even realize your walking very far because it’s so much fun and the kids just love it.

When we were done there we walked back to the car, stopping by the lake with the pine cone fountains in it so that Joey could take some pictures of the swans and ducks.  Just as we were almost back to Mary’s van we realized we’d lost the car keys somewhere between Fairytale town and the car.  While Mary went back to see if she could spot them or if someone had turned them in either at Fairytale Town or the Zoo I kept the kids entertained.  We had a mini picnic of snacks – goldfish with cranberries and raisins, orange slices, chocolate chip teddy bear cookies and some water.  Then we played tag, did the Freeze song, made friends with a little boy named Gabriel, played sword fights with sticks and finally began building fairy forts out of twigs, sticks, leaves and the construction paper hats the kids had made while at Fairytale town.  It was a ton of fun and by the time Mary got back, we were in great spirits but not so much Mary – she’d not had any luck in finding the keys.  So while we waited for Eric to be our knight in shining armor and bring us another key for the van, we built more forts perfecting our technique each time and watched the kids play.

Even with losing the keys I’d have to say it was one of my best days as I really enjoyed spending time with my sister-in-law and niece.  I love watching Joey and Elsa play together and observing how they interact as more time goes by.  When we get together Elsa always has her heart on her sleeve when it comes to Joey, adoration clearly expressed in her every comment and behavior while he always starts out with a “it’s no biggie” attitude towards her at first (which if I’m honest usually breaks my heart as I want them to grow up as close as bothers and sisters do) but then by the end of their time together it seems he can’t get enough of her attention, wanting to do everything with her from tag to playing Hide-n-Seek to just sitting next to one another sharing a snack.  Each time it makes me realize that I really need to make it a

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priority to get these to little ones together.  This time Mary and I agreed that we’d try to get them together each Tuesday afternoon since that seems to be a time that they both are usually home and free and can get together either at her house or ours, or just out in nature taking walks or riding bikes.  Plus we’re really going to try to do more adventures together on the weekends in the coming months.  It makes me realize too, that I also need to be doing more of these things with his cousin Gracie too.



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