Our Portrait

Been busy the last few weeks – nothing special mind you, just the norm but it’s all made me crazy tired.  Larry, Joey, and I finally had some family photo’s taken (our first since he was born).  Joey did so good, followed the photog’s instructions and had fun with it and I couldn’t have been prouder.  They’re were a whole lot of tantrum’s going on around us from newborns to I’d say kindergarten age and there was my boy, listening really well and just minding his own business, people watching with me.  He’s fascinated with babies lately and what they do, how they play, etc. and in this environment there was a lot to look at.  I loved seeing all the littles dressed up in the finery, especially the ones that were getting special photo’s done for Valentines Day.

Anyway, this one’s my favorite of the bunch.  Can you tell we love our boy?!  We do this to him at night, our kiss sandwich, and it always makes him giggle like mad.  So glad he held it together on this day with no giggle outbursts in sight otherwise it would have turned out a very different image in the end.


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