Deal or No Deal

Joey has had this thing for over a year now where when he wants something he tells you what it is and then follows it with “Deal?”.  The cute part is he clearly expects you to reply with deal in return meaning his wish is granted.  I’m not sure where he picked this saying up, or learned of its meaning, but I have come to find that when I want to accomplish something with him and I follow his line of thinking and say “deal?” at the end of my request I usually end up achieving my goal whatever it may be.

Joey is not quite that lucky.  There are occasions where it is simply a flat-out “No deal” in response to his requests and other times where I respond with “we’ll see” which he does not like at all.  He wants a firm answer one way or the other and will keep asking “deal?” until I either say deal or no deal in response.

I must admit there are times I want to say “no deal” right up front but don’t want the fallout from that response so I’ll try to postpone with my stock “we’ll see” answer but then he persists, flashing me his cute dimpled smile while tilting his head and looking at me with those big blue eyes and before I know it I’m practically shouting, “Deal, DEAL, DEAL!”.

I’ve also noticed that I’m not the only one who has fallen in to playing with this verbage.  Daddy does it too, though he’s not as easily swayed as I am.  So I’m wondering, what tricks and tips have you’re kids taught you?  Anything fun that I might be able to steal for my own family’s enjoyment?  Is it a “deal?”


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