This weekend Joey had a sleepover with his two pals Trevor and Garrett.  They were so good I almost had to ask myself, “who are these kids?”.  Seriously though they were amazing.  Their momma, Jessica, told them that I wasn’t feeling to great and to be on their best behavior for me and they must have taken her at her word.  The boys played Wii and watched movies that night, and in the morning they played bad guys with their Nerf guns, rode around our street in Joey’s little corvette, and just played with toys in general.

It was so much fun for Larry and I to watch each boy in turn take the wheel and go, go, go.  Trevor was super confident, trying to run over different surfaces like the sewer grate and the reflectors in the street so he could assess how they made the car feel.  Garrett was tentative, going forth but pausing often when the car tried to switch to the next gear up or when it got to close to the curb.  Joey on the other hand was off and running, often not even waiting for one of his pals to get all the way in the passenger seat before he hit the gas and then once he got going doing his best to try to run over the one who didn’t fit, or me, or Larry or heaven forbid Hoss who just absolutely refused to move out of the way.  It was quite funny to watch.

At one point Garrett hit a neighbor’s house (ever so gently – remember he was the tentative one), kept pushing on the gas to try to make it back up or something and in the process blew the fuse.  While Larry went to get more the boys pushed the car, Trevor and Garret doing the pushing and ordering in Joey to steer the dang thing.  It was wonderful to see them work it out, how to get the car back out into the street, assign one another jobs so that they could accomplish their goal and work together as a well oiled machine.  I can already picture them in my mind at 16, cruising for chicks, running out of gas and having to push a real vehicle to the nearest gas station.  I hope when Joey turns 16 that they are still the great pals that they are today.

I’m not sure who loves the sleepovers more, Joey or I.  It feels a need in me to have a houseful of children even if they are not of my own womb.  I so wish that Larry and I had even more and that Joey had siblings.  I thing there’s magic in having a sibling.  While Crystal and I weren’t the best of friends when we were growing up we are now and that means so much to me.  I want that same kind of connection for my son… now just to make it come true somehow.  Then it would be like having a sleepover every night.  Fun and games and laughter and love and yes, even more work for Larry and I but I know we’d manage it as we always do.  We’re a good team him and I and together we create a good balance for Joey and his friends.  We truly are blessed in so many ways.


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