Joey’s Words

Joey just finished lunch – chicken nuggets and Cheetos which is his favorite meal of all time.  Anyway when he finishes up eating he usually gets a wet wipe to clean his mouth and hands but today he runs in to show me his clean plate while yelling, “Mom can you spit shine me please”.  Cracked me up to say the least.  I will admit on occasion I do give him a spit cleaning to clear a spot or two off his face if a wet wipe isn’t available but have never done it at home or at his request.  When I responded that I thought this job called for a wet wipe instead, he responded with “Why can’t you just spit shine me?”.  My response, “I don’t think I have enough spit to clean you adequately.”  He seemed to accept my explanation and ran off to get the wet wipe.

It’s the small things I tell ya that make my life so much fun.


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