Fibro Flare Ups = NO Fun! but still many Simple Pleasures

It is only the 5th day into the new year and I’m experiencing my first flare up.  I still have not gotten my house in order after Christmas, the laundry is piling up and I am exhausted even though I’ve been doing absolutely nothing.  It’s a crazy life I tell ya.

I’m having to search hard to find the pleasure, simple or otherwise, when I’m feeling like I am.  Today Joey made it easy – he crawled intobed with me at o’dark 30 and I told him I needed quiet today for a little while longer and he just replied, “Okay Momma, just close your eyes and rest and I’ll just cuddle next to you and watch cartoons” and that’s exactly what he did.  He started up Gnomio and Juliet, his favorite movie of the moment, and just laid there next to me watching it and occasionally rubbing my back and telling me he loved me.  How precious is that?  So precious, at least to me.  If this wasn’t enough when I went to pick him up today from school, he was so excited to see me and sit on my lap while his teacher, Mrs. Eathorne, finished up todays story and again kept whispering to me that he loved me and giving me little kisses.  It was so cute, especially today, since the story she was reading was Momma’s Best Kisses.  And he earned two Kindness Kisses in class today for doing nice things for or with his classmates.  I never felt prouder to call him my son.

Although it can be a challenge to see through the pain and recognize just how blessed I am, Joey makes that process so much simpler for me.


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