2012 Here We Come

I’m so excited to be starting a New Year with a full and open heart.  Larry and I set our resolutions together this year.  Our first one is to lose weight – serious weight as we are both aiming to lose 100 pounds.  The best part is we’re going to do it together.  The bonus you ask – we’ll fit in all the rides at Disneyland when we take Joey later this year.  We’re not going to go crazy and follow a specific plan, we’re just going to cook more nutritiously than we have been and begin eating in moderation.  We’re also going to get more active, mainly taking walks together in the evenings.

Our second resolution is to partake in more family adventures.  We’re going to aim to do something fun with Joey each week.  Could be as simple as going to the zoo or taking in a movie together for a couple of hours or something more adventurous such as camping on the beach one weekend, visiting a new city, etc.  I’m really looking forward to seeing where our adventures take us.  We’re hoping that some of our extended family will want to get in on the action and join us on some of our adventures.  If you have an suggestions on things we could do or places we could go please post them in a comment or better yet, give me a call.  I’d love to hear from you.

Our New Year started off a little differently than we’d planned.  We helped my brother and sister in law begin their move into their new home (isn’t that a great way to begin a new year – a fresh new home to create memories in… awesome).  Then Larry and I were supposed to go to a party at his good friends, Jackie and Paul, later that evening but with illness abounding of late we didn’t want to impose and have the grandparents babysit when they weren’t feeling a 100% so I decided to stay back and let Larry go get his party on.  The theme of the party was Hawaiian Luau and Larry was dressed to impress in a little flowered bikini top, lei’s galore, and a cowboy hat that he’d made beach appropriate and let’s not forget the LOUD shirt.  He looked darling… see for yourself (that is if I’m able to upload the picture).

Luau Larry

As for Joey and I, he was down by his normal 7:00 pm bedtime and I managed to last until 10:20 before I crashed out.  And since Larry was out partying, and planning to just crash at Jackie’s, I got the bed all to myself until Joey came in at 0′ dark 30 (6:30) and crawled in to bed with me to tell me that it was time to get up.  A perfect way to start my day and my New Year.

Here’s to wishing each and every one of you a year full of love, laughter, and fun while you pursue your own simple pleasures.


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