Hot Diggity Dog

The other day Joey and I had a whole date day.  We played Wii in the morning, then headed out to the movie theatre to see Alvin and the Chipmunks in Chipwrecked, had a treat at Cold Stone Creamery and ended the day at a playdate at my friend Sam’s house. It was a great day – no fuss, no muss, no tantrums but do you know my favorite part of the day?  Don’t even try as you’ll never guess.  It was three simple little words – Hot Diggity Dog.  Yep that’s it.

I don’t know why I said it originally but I did and Joey plucked those three words out of the air and claimed them as his own all the way home.  He sang it, he said it quickly and then slowly and then he asked me to repeat what he was saying (weird words, made up words like “Rah Rah Rosie”) and when I did he would yell out “Hot Diggity Dog!” and then laugh and say he tricked me.   It was a real laugh from deep in his belly and it was contagious.  Once we’d both calm down he would do it all over again.  He got so much joy out of those three simple words and I in turn got so much joy out of his joy.

Our ride home lasted about 40 minutes and the whole journey was fun.  That was two days ago and since then he’s not once said those three magical words that gave us so much joy and laughter.  I wonder why and then think to myself it doesn’t really matter as it was fun in the moment and the next time we’re having a not so great day I’m going to yell out “HOT DIGGITY DOG!” and see if that magic can take hold of us again and fill our bellies with laughter.


Dating My Sister

Yep, my sister and I are pursing a relationship and we began yesterday with a date.  Just a casual affair, me calling her in the morning to see if she was available to accompany me to see the movie “We Bought A Zoo”.  She said yes and our adventure was off to a good start.  I felt giddy.  I can’t even recall the last time she and I did anything together, just the two of us.  Oh sure we get together as an entire family for holidays and family dinners occasionally but we never and I mean NEVER seem to get together just the two of us to hang out, have fun, really talk.

She picked me up at 11:00 at my friend Jessica’s since my brakes aren’t working right and I was afraid to drive it any farther than her house.  We headed up the hill to Regal Cinemas in El Dorado Hills.  We got there a smidge early so we did a little shopping in the local CVS, picking up pistachios and peanut M & M’s that we were going to smuggle into the movie theatre in our purses, and of course soda pop too.  At 12:15 we got our tickets, went tinkle, and then headed in to find our seats.  The movie we’d chosen was pretty well attended so we actually ended up in the handicap seats at mid-level which was fine with me as that meant I wouldn’t have to go up and down stairs when I had to go tinkle again and I knew I would as I never can seem to make it through a two-hour movie without at least one potty run.  We watched the previews, agreeing on the fact that we wanted to see the majority of them and that most of them our husbands would deem chick flicks and wouldn’t want to go with either one of us.  Perfect… that just means those will all be opportunities for me to spend even more time with my big sis.

After the movies we headed over to one of Crystal’s favorite restaurants, Dominic’s, for lunch.  They make the best italian food – pizza, Calzones, Stromboli’s, and rolls (their version of a sandwich).  I chose two different slices of pizza to try and Crystal ordered the meatball roll.  The portions here are huge, and I mean really really big when I say huge so you can imagine that we both walked out of there with doggy bags.  My pizza was pure perfections.  Thin crust, crispy on the bottom and light and delicate on the surface.  They make their own dough and breads, cheese, and sausages – all from scratch, and it shows.  I can definitely see myself going back there.

After lunch we ran some food home to Jeff and then headed to Pep Boys to get the brake pads I needed for Larry to fix my car.  My brakes sound like it’s metal on metal, but I’m hoping to get by with just changing out the pads, at least for the time being.  Crystal dropped me back off at my truck, offering to follow me home.  She didn’t even want me to drive my truck home they were making such a noise.  I told her I’d be fine and would call if I had any problems.  I got home just fine as it were and Larry got my brakes done by the light of the moon and a spotlight to see his way.

It was a really nice day and I so enjoyed my time with my sister.  It make me remember that she really is this amazing person, warm and funny, and a little sentimental.  I’m looking forward to many more dates with her.

45’s A Real Pleasure

I was thinking today, as I dyed my hair (not because I’m old or gray or anything but because I didn’t like the results of my last hair appointment) that so far my 40’s are the best time of my life.  I’ve learned to accept things as they come, am more open to other’s ideas and feelings, and take time to really notice all the wonderful blessings that I have surrounding me – namely my boy Joey and Larry.  Both give me so much love and laughter that I wonder how I ever got along in life without them in it.

Don’t get me wrong, not everything is perfect in my world.  I’m overweight, live with pain on a daily basis, and have a low-level of energy but even with all that, I still feel like one of the luckiest women in the world.  Another mom, Healther, that’s in one of my mom’s groups and who lives in Alaska summed it up beautifully.  This is how she describes living in her 40’s.

“But one of the really great things about being over 40 is that I just don’t care as much about what my body looks like. What’s important is what it can do. I have strong arms to hug a friend in need, broad shoulders perfect for crying on, sturdy legs to walk the floor with a scared child, gentle ears that can listen to a friend cheer about her day or cry about her life, loving eyes that see the beauty in others, a stomach that can brave the latest cooking experiment to come my way. So what if I’m no longer perky and taut? God made me for more than what I look like and I’m beginning to appreciate that.
Along with acceptance of myself, I’ve developed much more acceptance of others. The value of years of experience is that you can see why people are coming to the conclusions they are, you can warn them of the foolishness of their ways, but you’re also wise enough to know when to keep your mouth shut.
Being over 40 means really understanding and appreciating what beauty is all about. It’s not what you look like, it’s who you are and who others believe they can become because of being around you. ”

So to all of you 20 and 30 somethings I say no need to dread the big 40 because it’s one of the best gifts you’ll ever give to yourself.

Deal or No Deal

Joey has had this thing for over a year now where when he wants something he tells you what it is and then follows it with “Deal?”.  The cute part is he clearly expects you to reply with deal in return meaning his wish is granted.  I’m not sure where he picked this saying up, or learned of its meaning, but I have come to find that when I want to accomplish something with him and I follow his line of thinking and say “deal?” at the end of my request I usually end up achieving my goal whatever it may be.

Joey is not quite that lucky.  There are occasions where it is simply a flat-out “No deal” in response to his requests and other times where I respond with “we’ll see” which he does not like at all.  He wants a firm answer one way or the other and will keep asking “deal?” until I either say deal or no deal in response.

I must admit there are times I want to say “no deal” right up front but don’t want the fallout from that response so I’ll try to postpone with my stock “we’ll see” answer but then he persists, flashing me his cute dimpled smile while tilting his head and looking at me with those big blue eyes and before I know it I’m practically shouting, “Deal, DEAL, DEAL!”.

I’ve also noticed that I’m not the only one who has fallen in to playing with this verbage.  Daddy does it too, though he’s not as easily swayed as I am.  So I’m wondering, what tricks and tips have you’re kids taught you?  Anything fun that I might be able to steal for my own family’s enjoyment?  Is it a “deal?”


I love reading blogs and just for this reason, it reminds me of the simple things.  This entry comes from Simple Mom and it seems like at least once a week I’m reminded of a pearl of wisdom or two from this source.



Breathing can transform your life.
If you feel stressed out and overwhelmed, breathe. It will calm you and release the tensions.
If you are worried about something coming up, or caught up in something that already happened, breathe. It will bring you back to the present.
If you are discouraged and have forgotten your purpose in life, breathe. It will remind you about how precious life is, and that each breath in this life is a gift you need to appreciate. Make the most of this gift.
If you have too many tasks to do, or are scattered during your workday, breathe. It will help bring you into focus, to concentrate on the most important task you need to be focusing on right now.
If you are spending time with someone you love, breathe. It will allow you to be present with that person, rather than thinking about work or other things you need to do.
If you are exercising, breathe. It will help you enjoy the exercise, and therefore stick with it for longer.
If you are moving too fast, breathe. It will remind you to slow down, and enjoy life more.
So breathe.
And enjoy each moment of this life.
They’re too fleeting and few to waste.


This weekend Joey had a sleepover with his two pals Trevor and Garrett.  They were so good I almost had to ask myself, “who are these kids?”.  Seriously though they were amazing.  Their momma, Jessica, told them that I wasn’t feeling to great and to be on their best behavior for me and they must have taken her at her word.  The boys played Wii and watched movies that night, and in the morning they played bad guys with their Nerf guns, rode around our street in Joey’s little corvette, and just played with toys in general.

It was so much fun for Larry and I to watch each boy in turn take the wheel and go, go, go.  Trevor was super confident, trying to run over different surfaces like the sewer grate and the reflectors in the street so he could assess how they made the car feel.  Garrett was tentative, going forth but pausing often when the car tried to switch to the next gear up or when it got to close to the curb.  Joey on the other hand was off and running, often not even waiting for one of his pals to get all the way in the passenger seat before he hit the gas and then once he got going doing his best to try to run over the one who didn’t fit, or me, or Larry or heaven forbid Hoss who just absolutely refused to move out of the way.  It was quite funny to watch.

At one point Garrett hit a neighbor’s house (ever so gently – remember he was the tentative one), kept pushing on the gas to try to make it back up or something and in the process blew the fuse.  While Larry went to get more the boys pushed the car, Trevor and Garret doing the pushing and ordering in Joey to steer the dang thing.  It was wonderful to see them work it out, how to get the car back out into the street, assign one another jobs so that they could accomplish their goal and work together as a well oiled machine.  I can already picture them in my mind at 16, cruising for chicks, running out of gas and having to push a real vehicle to the nearest gas station.  I hope when Joey turns 16 that they are still the great pals that they are today.

I’m not sure who loves the sleepovers more, Joey or I.  It feels a need in me to have a houseful of children even if they are not of my own womb.  I so wish that Larry and I had even more and that Joey had siblings.  I thing there’s magic in having a sibling.  While Crystal and I weren’t the best of friends when we were growing up we are now and that means so much to me.  I want that same kind of connection for my son… now just to make it come true somehow.  Then it would be like having a sleepover every night.  Fun and games and laughter and love and yes, even more work for Larry and I but I know we’d manage it as we always do.  We’re a good team him and I and together we create a good balance for Joey and his friends.  We truly are blessed in so many ways.