School Photo’s

Joey had his proofs available for review today and while I loved the class photo and the class collage, I wasn’t all that taken with Joey’s individual shots. It didn’t seem like my guy, but some stranger who was just posing for the photographer. He didn’t have his real smile or even his real fake smile but something strange that I hadn’t seen before and therefore didn’t recognize. Not wanting to miss out though I ordered a copy of the class photo and collage and a copy of the entire disk of photo’s taken that day, hoping that when Larry and I review them together we’ll find the perfect photo of our little guy.

It makes me wonder if he’s just growing at such a speed that I’m missing nuances that are right there before my eyes but that I’ve chosen that moment to blink and have missed it.

I wish I could freeze frame each moment with him, the big ones as well as the little ones, so that when he’s older and moved away from me (not necessarily out of the house, but out of the circle of my arms) I’d have something to go back to that would be tangible. It’s hard to put in to words what I’m trying to get at. Just that at times, the passing of time, makes me sad.