Where did October Go?

I love October, absolutely everything about it with the exception that it always seems to go be too darn fast.  We start the month off in celebration of Larry’s birth on October 8th.  This year we had a combined celebration with him and Kelli whose birthday is the 29th of September.  We went bowling as a family – Chuck & Kelli, Mary & Elsa, Grammi and Pop Pop, and Larry, Joey and I.  It was a lot of fun.  Joey and Elsa had their own lane with a special ramp that helped them roll their balls and together they played a total of 7 games.  I think Joey probably played about five games worth all by himself.  He was a little bowling devil barely taking time to breath. The grown ups shared two lanes, boys on one and girls on the other.  We cheered one another on, made side bets, and basically just had a great time.  Grammi had a little slip and fall and hurt her back, or should I say bottom, but it is healing thankfully with the passing of time.

The following week we celebrated Joey turning 4.  On his actually birthday, the 14th, we just had our immediate family with a few gifts and a cupcake and then the following day had his party with all the extended family and his friends.  This year we did a monstrous party theme with the kids dressing up, and some of us grown ups as well.  Crystal and Jeff came decked out as clowns and were so amazing that some of my mom friends thought I’d hired them which really gave me a giggle since this years party was on a pretty tight budget.  We had hot dogs and chips, with lemonade, water and tea for beverage choices, followed by cupcakes and ice cream.  Their was a monster pinata and goodie bags for all the kids that included a scary book, spider rings, monster pop ups, a take and make magnetic craft, etc.  The kids really seemed to like getting a present of their own to open while Joey was opening the many gifts that he received.

The Tuesday following his birthday Joey went on his first school field trip.  We went to Davis Ranch with another RM preschool and had a hay ride and picnic.  The kids got to go out into the fields and pick their own pumpkins and then we cut one open so they could see inside and try to guess how many seeds it had.  It was a really fun outing and a different perspective for him to see from when we usually just drop by to pick up veggies.

Last weekend we took a trip out to Fog Willow Pumpkin Farm.  I let two of Joey’s buddies, Trevor and Garrett, spend the night on Friday so that they could go with us out to the farm on Saturday.  The boys had so much fun petting the various farm animals and making animal sounds at them.  They got to practice roping steers – well hay bales with plastic steer heads on them, each got to pick out a pumpkin of their own, and ran wild up and down the pyramid made of hay bales.  We enjoyed a picnic lunch under the big oak trees and then Larry and the boys took a very bumpy hay ride… so glad I was wise enough to pass on that one.

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And today, Joey had his first official class picture taken at preschool.  I can’t wait to see them.  And as if that wasn’t special enough, Joey got selected to bring home the classroom mascot – Bubba Bear home with us until we return on Thursday.  He was beyond excited.  Already they’ve had lunch together, practiced tracing letters, and later are planning on making cookies for the party that is scheduled for Thursday.  Plus somewhere in there he wants to take Bubba Bear on a bicycle ride but first I have to figure out how to secure him safely to Joey’s bike and come up with a “helmet” for safety.

So as you can see it’s been a busy month, so busy that we’ve hardly had time to appreciate the wonders of Fall.  The leaves cascading down to create a carpet of color on the ground, the smell of wood smoke in the air, the chill that is nipping at us as we rush about warning us to put away our shorts and dig out our sweaters.  I wish this month could be twice as long just so I wouldn’t miss a moment of it.


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