Are you investing in what matters most? Not always.

I’ve realized of late that sometimes we need to take inventory of our time. Are we investing it in the things that matter most?  Take for example this past weekend, yesterday to be specific.  We spent the afternoon bowling with my hubby’s family in celebration of Kelli and Larry’s birthdays.  It was so low-key, relaxing and fun.  I had no doubt when I left there that I’d invested my time wisely.

Joey and Elsa getting “revved” up

It was so joyful to watch Elsa and Joey taking turns on their “bumper” lane.  And I was so proud to see Joey helping his cousin with the bowling ball, setting it up for her on the ramp so that she could easily push it down.  After all their balls were 6 lbs. and that’s pretty heavy for four-year olds.  They played a whopping 7 games of frames together, exchanging high fives whether they knocked down one pin or seven.  Rejoicing in each triumph.

On the grown up lanes we were each doing our best to out bowl one another, making side bets for babysitting and just generally having an awesome time playing together.  Yes, PLAYING together.  How often is it that adults get together for the sole purpose of having a grown up version of a childs playdate?  I would have to say, not often enough.

Am I paying the price for it today?  Sure, but every ache and pain was so worth it as I felt like I got to connect with each and every person there.  Not to mention that I won two nights of free babysitting, of which I plan to redeem in the very near future.

It makes me question am I investing the rest of my time as wisely?  I’d have to say on the whole that I haven’t been.  I want to enrich my friendships, build a stronger family foundation, create creative opportunities for myself and Joey, and find adventure on a weekly if not daily basis.  Is it possible?  I think so, if I don’t throw away time on inconsequential matters.

Sounds so simple doesn’t it and yet it feels so hard.  Perhaps it’s a matter of perspective and I’ve been looking at it the wrong way.  Take laundry for example, or house work – both things that I find no joy in and consider hard labor and yet if I changed that perspective and thought what joy it is to have a clean house, an open door policy for family and friends to drop by because I know my home is suitable for guests, how lovely would that be?  And if my clothes were laundered and put away how much would that simplify my life to not have to search out outfits for Joey and myself that actually worked together, not to mention not tripping over dogs that have burrowed into the clothes piles waiting to be laundered.  It really is all about perspective and investing my time wisely to achieve the outcomes I most desire.

How are you investing your time?  Are you getting a return on your investment?  I’m going to work towards building my time bank balance so that it overflows with joy and simple pleasures.


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