Friday Night Favorites

Joey has started playing soccer in the Little Kickers league out here in Rancho Murieta.  They practice once a week on Friday evenings and it’s always interesting to watch and to see how well he’ll interact and play.  He tends to be like me in that respect, where he just wants to hear what the coaches have to say and then try to do it on his own, not necessarily with his team mates.  This drive his Daddy crazy, but I totally get it.  He just needs to get to his own comfort level in his own time.

Some weeks it goes great, others he’s ready to quit because it’s “boring” before it has even really begun.  We’ve begun bribing him with an ice cream treat if he practices for the whole one hour session and that seems to be working like a charm.

Last night was an especially pleasurable practice.  Grammi and Pop Pop came out to watch him practice which was really nice and made him so happy.  Then when practice was complete, Larry, Joey and I had a picnic dinner at the park made up of yummy Subway sandwiches, water, Gatorade and soda, and then we headed over to our local grocery to pick out our frozen treat.  It’s so much fun to watch Joey debate with himself over which one to pick out of the cooler and then once he’s made his selection to see him eyeballing ours to see if we’ve picked something better than him.  He always ends up liking what he’s chosen but tells us in advance that next Friday he’s going to get whatever I or Daddy had this week.  So cute.

Hoss loves these outings almost as much as we do.  He always gets to go to the park with us and tons of kids stop by to pet and love on him.  Sometimes he even gets to have an impromptu playdate with a few other dogs if there friendly and their owners don’t mind.  He’s such a sweetie with people and other animals that I never have to worry about how he’ll interact.  I wish Duke was that way as I always end up feeling guilty for taking Hoss but not him.

I don’t know what were going to do when Soccer season is over as we’ve really begun to treat these evenings as our family night of fun.  We’re going to have to come up with some other simple activities we can do to replace them once the season is over – bowling, miniature golf, etc.


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