Kenneth we LOVE you!!!

My sister held a Celebration of Life party to commemorate what would have been my beautiful nephew Kenneth’s 30th birthday had he lived.  Although we only had him with us for 25 years, we shared many simple pleasures together and I for one was happy to celebrate the baby, the boy, the teen and the young man that he was.

There were family and friends there to celebrate the joy that was Kenneth (aka K.C.) and to share in the memories that each of us had in our hearts.  My sister and Jeff put on quite the BBQ feast with many side dishes being provided by the guests.  Each person brought their favorite memory of Kenneth in writing to be assembled into a hard bound book for Crystal, Beth and Gracie to keep his memory alive.  We wrote messages on balloons, sang Happy Birthday, and let our messages float up to Heaven.  It was really quite moving in its simplicity.

Wherever you are Kenneth, I love you and I miss you with all my heart.  I so wish my Joey had the chance to know you since you’re so very similar in physical characteristics and your mannerisms and I know you’d have had a ball creating memories with him and with your beautiful Gracie girl.


3 thoughts on “Kenneth we LOVE you!!!

  1. All I can say is that I am so happy to have had this celebration. More importantly, thank you so much to you and Larry for helping me with so much. It was a special day for me and because of you both, it was made to be even more special. I know you gave up a lot to be there for me, and I don’t want it to go unnoticed, how much I really appreciate you. I love you! Sisters by birth, friends by choice!

  2. I am so glad you guys posted this and would love to read the memories when I come to visit. I would have loved to be there and hope creating a memory to send there helped. It made me feel like I was part of the celebration. i love you both with all my heart…..Your Big sis

  3. You are both fantastic individuals and your character stands on its own. It has been my pleasure and heartfelt joy to have known you both for 40 plus years. Crystal, you were a baby having a baby, but your love, strength and determination was a bright shinning example of what it means to be a mother.. KC was a cute kid and wonderful child who became a truly fine man. You were and are a fantastic mother. Malana you were the the most fabulous fun and loving aunt that little man could have asked for and you are doing a fantastic job with your own little man. I love and admire the both of you for your strengths and gentleness as well. God bless you both…i truly feel like this is an “ah ha moment” or the YA YA SISTA-HOOD…JO

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