Happy Birthday Crystal

My sister turned another year older and another year wiser last week, the big 47.  She, Joey and I spent the day together at Folsom State Park at the Beale Point Beach.  It was the first time any of us had been there and it is such a lovely beach, nice and sandy with really clear water.  We had to fight the yellow jackets for our KFC lunch but once we moved some of the meat to an adjacent table for them to snack on we were able to eat ours in relative peace.

We stopped at Target en route and Crystal bought a new float to relax on in the water, like that was ever going to really happen, and we picked up some snacks and sunscreen so we could really linger at the beach.  Luckily I’d planned a little ahead so I had buckets, shovels and all kinds of vehicles for Joey to play with when he got tired of the water, and some books for when he got tired of the sun and sand so I had my bases pretty well covered.

We ate lunch first and then hit the water.  It was perfect temperature for me to be able to enjoy myself as well and we all swam, picked out rocks to skip (or throw), and just enjoyed being together.  They’d let out some of the water from the dam and so you could almost walk all the way out to the buoy line that designates the swimming area.  Joey was thrilled to be able to walk out so far and to chase down his Aunty Crystal for splash wars, and try to tip her off her

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float.  I love watching them play together especially when water is involved since they both love it so much.

When we’d had enough of the water Crystal really got to relax on her float while Joey and I took to the sand and built sand castles and played with his vehicles.  I even managed to get a little reading done before I got too overheated.  So Joey and I trucked up the beach to find a nice shady spot under a tree on the lawn and he played with his cars on our blanket and we read stories and loved on Hoss some.  He’d been patiently waiting up by our table since they have a “no dogs” policy on the beach itself.

All in all we spent about three and a half hours just enjoying ourselves before heading home for the day.  It was really nice to spend some one on one time with my sister and to share in her special day.

Happy Birthday Crystal.  We love you.

And for those of you with inquiring minds – yes, my sons toenails are purple, just as mine are, compliments of the talented little Miss Gracie R.



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