Water – the Essence of Life

Big KUDO’s to Craig, our Alhambra water guy who finally got me up and going with a new water cooler that gives me hot and cold water.  It really is the simple pleasures that make life so enjoyable.  I’ve always taken my cup of hot tea in the morning for granted until it was no longer instantly available to me.   I know, I know you’re saying why couldn’t you boil some water (too long), or microwave a cup full (just tastes different to me), but the bottom line is I’m lazy and incoherent until I have that first streaming cup of tea in my hands and so having a water cooler that provides instant hot water with the push of a button is a blessing to me.

I love all tea, but Lipton is my go to in the morning, just simple black tea, a few teaspoons of sugar and I’m ready to face the day.  How many of you out there are tea drinkers and what is your favorite blend?

I’m so grateful that my Grandma was from Australia and had us drinking tea after school with all my friends, accompanied by some fresh-baked goody that she’d whipped up while we were hard at work studying.  Back then it was more milk than tea, but it was hot and we didn’t know the difference.  She’d make us apple strudel or creme puffs and so long as I’d gotten my room tidied up before I left for school then my friends were welcome to partake in afternoon tea with me.  Talk about peer pressure, I couldn’t step out of the house til they’d looked to make sure if my bed was made and my clothes either put into the hamper or their respective drawers.  However now looking back it was worth all that just to have those special memories of my grandma and my friends.



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