Fall Fun Heading Our Way

So jazzed that it’s September 1st and we’re heading in to my favorite season of all time – FALL!  Leaves under foot, homemade soups and breads, puddle jumping with Joey, and the celebration of my baby’s birth.  I love how the air starts to cool down and encourages you to go for long walks in nature, enjoying the leaves falling from their branches and that satisfying crunch as you walk across them.  All the colors changing to gold, red, and orange, the smell of wood burning fires and hot apple cider.

I’ve been researching fun fall activities for Joe and I and some of his friends to do together.  Like turkey placements that utilize the leaves you collect, and scavenger hunts to find all of falls beautiful bounty.  I’ve been looking into all the different ways he and I can decorate pumpkins to grace our front walk way and our Thanksgiving tables.  Hoping to actually get around to painting gourds that resemble ghosts this year and all kinds of cutouts for our windows for Halloween.  I figure this is the perfect time to let him get in some scissor practice by cutting out the shapes I draw out on construction paper and then let him glitter and decorate them however his creative little heart wants to.

I’m also going to a preschool open house next week to see if it’s the right match for us.  I wanted to do home preschool, but then I realized that was just because I wanted to keep him with me as long as possible and realized maybe that wasn’t in his best interest after all.  So I’m looking at a two half day schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays at a new preschool that’s opening up here in Rancho Murieta on the North side.  I spoke with the owner and really got a good feel off of her so we’ll see how things go at “parents” night and how Joey likes her and the other children.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

I’ve also enrolled him at My Gym which is a gym just for kids where they get to do the normal tumbling and such plus trapeze, balance beams, parallel bars, etc.  He’ll be going on Saturday mornings so that Larry can participate with him when he’s not working.  He’s so excited since he loves gymnastics and getting to do something with Daddy makes it extra special.

So I say, come on Fall, I’m ready for you in all your glory.



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