So lucky to be a girl… NOT!

I had my annual OB/GYN appointment today and while the exam was okay, my attempt to utilize Mirena was not.  Needless to say I walked out of there still unprotected and much sorer for the attempt.  I wonder if I’m to take this as a sign to just go with the flow and if a baby results then a baby results.  I think Larry might have a heart attack if the pregnancy test came out positive but I’d love one more.  Of course I don’t care really whether or not I actually birth the baby, I’d just like another little one in our home.  Larry is not adverse to that idea he’s just afraid of how hard another pregnancy would be on me at my ripe ol’ age of 45.

On a more positive note some of the things that I love about being a female is that you can get all dressed up for no real reason at all except because it is a fun thing to do.  No one questions your need for chocolate when you’re a girl either, another big plus in my opinion.  Also as caring is just another part of our genetic makeup we can’t be held accountable for bringing home every stray animal we cross.  And lets not forget bubble baths (accompanied by a good book and a hot cup of tea) which to me are just about the definition of perfection.

So you see, being a girl really isn’t so bad after all.


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