Mmmm Mornings

I love mornings.  The way Joey crawls into bed with me, asking to be cuddled, telling me about his night.  I always ask if he had sweet dreams and he always responds in the positive and then goes on to tell me he’s scared – of his room, his dreams, etc.  It just makes me smile inside because he’s so contrary.

I love that I can look forward to a sweet cup of tea each morning.  Yep, normal black tea with three, count em’ three, teaspoons of sugar.

My Water BabyThat first peak out the window to see what the weather holds for the day – today blue skies with nary a cloud in site.  So it’s going to be hot but oh so beautiful and hopefully full of adventures.  Like running through the sprinklers at 9:00 AM.

Speaking of 9:00 AM, my hubby always calls me on the dot at this time as it’s his lunch hour just to tell me he loves me.  Does it get any better than that.

It really is all about the simple pleasures.


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