Creativity Abounds

I keep seeing things in passing on the net that I just want to grab hold of and accomplish for our home.  For instance, the chair that was created out of an old suitcase.  I love this piece and have one of my grandma’s old pieces that I could incorporate in it.  Only problem is I have no idea how to upholster.  I know they offer classes at the Learning Exchange, so I may just need to file this photo away and set about getting the necessary skills to make one.

Another mom’s blog I follow talked about buying old oversized canvasses with frames at your local thrift store.  Doesn’t really matter what’s painted on them as you’re just going to use the canvas to create your own piece of work.  You simply prime the canvas in white get it ready for some color, let it dry and then put your base color on in acrylic (this sometimes takes a couple of layers to get it nice and even and ready for a new design) and then begin creating.  She had her kids do it with a little help from Mom and ended up with a very special piece of art for her dining room.  Being the smart cookie that she is she limited the paint colors to ones that would work in the room and/or if blended would still be a pretty hue.  I can’t wait to begin my treasure hunt so that Joey can creat a piece of art for my wall.  Check out her before and after.

Post image for What to do with Bad Paintings


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