A Walking We Will Go

Today we journeyed on foot and bicycle to enjoy a little of the sunshine that came our way.  We headed up the street about a quarter of a mile with our two dogs in tow to Larry’s sisters house and found Mary, cousin Elsa and Grammi hanging out.  Joey had ridden his bicycle while Larry and I both walked, he with our Rat Terrier Duke and me with our Red German Shepherd Hoss.  Both of our dogs loved getting out, smelling every tree, bush, and flower along the way and marking their territory as we went along.  Joey, my little guy, rode all the way, up two hills and back down again without a complaint and as soon as he arrived and had a drink of water he was raring to ride again.  So Elsa got her bike and helmet out and we all headed outdoors.

Mary’s house is located on a perfect court that has parking in the middle and so it makes for a great racetrack for the kids.  No sooner had we gotten their helmets buckled and they were off, racing away to some unforseen finish line that existed only in their minds.  Poor Elsa didn’t get far as she rode into a slight incline and her bright red bike went toppling over taking her with it.  Thank goodness she had her Dora helmet on.  But she was no longer enthused about riding and so she crawled up in to Grammi’s lap for a bit of cuddling.  Joey on the other hand rode and rode, stopping only to drink and cool off after all his exertions.  When he finally had enough, he and Elsa were treated to some chocolate milk.

Before long Elsa discovered the poop bags that I carry for our dog walks.  Out she pulled them and so I tore one off for her and told her she could fill it with treasures that were all around us.  Joey being jealous had to have one too, and so together they went running off to see what they could find.  Elsa filled her with leaves of all sizes that had fallen from the trees and Joey filled his with rocks.  I’m going to put his rocks aside until I can get some craft ideas on how we can use them.

When all was said and done, we’d visited for about an hour.  It was really nice to just sit there in the shade and have some quality time with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law.  We got a chance to catch up on all we’d been up to and make some plans for outings in the very near future.

After we walked and rode back home, pushing Joey the last third of the way, we celebrated our walk in the sunshine with lemon sorbet.  So refreshing and the perfect ending to our outdoor adventure.


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