We’ve had the best summer this year.  Had lots of playdates with Joey’s pals, went camping with the Monson clan, a lot of swimming in our pool and at our local lake.  My boy is growing up so fast into a little man that I just wish I could freeze time.

We planted our first garden this year – tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, cantaloupe and two kinds of watermelon.  So far we’ve harvested exactly one tomato which was very flavorful and juicy, but their has been only the one so far.  We’ve had lots of blossoms and Larry has faithfully been watering them on a nightly basis.  Joey asks me daily when we’re going to get to pick some more and I have no idea how to answer since I’m beginning to doubt that we’ll produce anything.  It’s been fun watching them grow though.  Still a little hope lives on that we’ll have something to harvest before summer is officially over.

Joey had his first sleepover party here at the house – four of his pals equalled a house full of fun and laughter.  They played cars and superheroes, swam and swam again, went to the park, rode bikes and scooters and skateboards.  The energy they created never waned and Larry and I loved every minute of it.  We’re so happy that Joey has such great friends to play and learn with.

We really do have such a blessed life – what more could we ask for?  Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Original post – Aug 17, 2011


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