Creativity Abounds

I keep seeing things in passing on the net that I just want to grab hold of and accomplish for our home.  For instance, the chair that was created out of an old suitcase.  I love this piece and have one of my grandma’s old pieces that I could incorporate in it.  Only problem is I have no idea how to upholster.  I know they offer classes at the Learning Exchange, so I may just need to file this photo away and set about getting the necessary skills to make one.

Another mom’s blog I follow talked about buying old oversized canvasses with frames at your local thrift store.  Doesn’t really matter what’s painted on them as you’re just going to use the canvas to create your own piece of work.  You simply prime the canvas in white get it ready for some color, let it dry and then put your base color on in acrylic (this sometimes takes a couple of layers to get it nice and even and ready for a new design) and then begin creating.  She had her kids do it with a little help from Mom and ended up with a very special piece of art for her dining room.  Being the smart cookie that she is she limited the paint colors to ones that would work in the room and/or if blended would still be a pretty hue.  I can’t wait to begin my treasure hunt so that Joey can creat a piece of art for my wall.  Check out her before and after.

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Mmmm Mornings

I love mornings.  The way Joey crawls into bed with me, asking to be cuddled, telling me about his night.  I always ask if he had sweet dreams and he always responds in the positive and then goes on to tell me he’s scared – of his room, his dreams, etc.  It just makes me smile inside because he’s so contrary.

I love that I can look forward to a sweet cup of tea each morning.  Yep, normal black tea with three, count em’ three, teaspoons of sugar.

My Water BabyThat first peak out the window to see what the weather holds for the day – today blue skies with nary a cloud in site.  So it’s going to be hot but oh so beautiful and hopefully full of adventures.  Like running through the sprinklers at 9:00 AM.

Speaking of 9:00 AM, my hubby always calls me on the dot at this time as it’s his lunch hour just to tell me he loves me.  Does it get any better than that.

It really is all about the simple pleasures.

So lucky to be a girl… NOT!

I had my annual OB/GYN appointment today and while the exam was okay, my attempt to utilize Mirena was not.  Needless to say I walked out of there still unprotected and much sorer for the attempt.  I wonder if I’m to take this as a sign to just go with the flow and if a baby results then a baby results.  I think Larry might have a heart attack if the pregnancy test came out positive but I’d love one more.  Of course I don’t care really whether or not I actually birth the baby, I’d just like another little one in our home.  Larry is not adverse to that idea he’s just afraid of how hard another pregnancy would be on me at my ripe ol’ age of 45.

On a more positive note some of the things that I love about being a female is that you can get all dressed up for no real reason at all except because it is a fun thing to do.  No one questions your need for chocolate when you’re a girl either, another big plus in my opinion.  Also as caring is just another part of our genetic makeup we can’t be held accountable for bringing home every stray animal we cross.  And lets not forget bubble baths (accompanied by a good book and a hot cup of tea) which to me are just about the definition of perfection.

So you see, being a girl really isn’t so bad after all.

A Walking We Will Go

Today we journeyed on foot and bicycle to enjoy a little of the sunshine that came our way.  We headed up the street about a quarter of a mile with our two dogs in tow to Larry’s sisters house and found Mary, cousin Elsa and Grammi hanging out.  Joey had ridden his bicycle while Larry and I both walked, he with our Rat Terrier Duke and me with our Red German Shepherd Hoss.  Both of our dogs loved getting out, smelling every tree, bush, and flower along the way and marking their territory as we went along.  Joey, my little guy, rode all the way, up two hills and back down again without a complaint and as soon as he arrived and had a drink of water he was raring to ride again.  So Elsa got her bike and helmet out and we all headed outdoors.

Mary’s house is located on a perfect court that has parking in the middle and so it makes for a great racetrack for the kids.  No sooner had we gotten their helmets buckled and they were off, racing away to some unforseen finish line that existed only in their minds.  Poor Elsa didn’t get far as she rode into a slight incline and her bright red bike went toppling over taking her with it.  Thank goodness she had her Dora helmet on.  But she was no longer enthused about riding and so she crawled up in to Grammi’s lap for a bit of cuddling.  Joey on the other hand rode and rode, stopping only to drink and cool off after all his exertions.  When he finally had enough, he and Elsa were treated to some chocolate milk.

Before long Elsa discovered the poop bags that I carry for our dog walks.  Out she pulled them and so I tore one off for her and told her she could fill it with treasures that were all around us.  Joey being jealous had to have one too, and so together they went running off to see what they could find.  Elsa filled her with leaves of all sizes that had fallen from the trees and Joey filled his with rocks.  I’m going to put his rocks aside until I can get some craft ideas on how we can use them.

When all was said and done, we’d visited for about an hour.  It was really nice to just sit there in the shade and have some quality time with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law.  We got a chance to catch up on all we’d been up to and make some plans for outings in the very near future.

After we walked and rode back home, pushing Joey the last third of the way, we celebrated our walk in the sunshine with lemon sorbet.  So refreshing and the perfect ending to our outdoor adventure.

Much Ado About Nothing

After much research and seeking out recommendations I’ve decided to begin my blog again with WordPress.  It was a unanimous recommendation and appears to be working fine with my computer system, so hopefully this will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship and a place that I can share all the simple pleasures life throws my way, my thoughts and ideas, family fun and so on.  Hope you all enjoy it.

I’m the Boss!

Joey has become so sassy these last few weeks since I spent those few days in the hospital with chest pains.  He won’t leave my side for a minute, which is cool, except he’s gotten a little confused with who’s the boss.  I ask him to pick up the toys and his usual response is that it’s too much and he needs help.  So I usually get down on my knees to help him pick them up and before I know it I’m the only one in the room and when I call him back to help me, what is his response – “You’re doing a good job Momma, you don’t need my help”.  I think I’ve explained about a thousand times now that I did not make the mess, he did, and therefore it’s his responsibility to clean it up.

Dinner time is another battle.  He never wants to eat what’s on the menu but wants something specific for dinner, usually chicken nuggets.  He’s pretty much ruled out vegetables and when I force him to eat them he just chews and chews until it’s the consistency of juice and then refuses to swallow.  I’m really getting frustrated.  Take tonight for instance.  We had red beans and rice with beef in it and cantaloupe.  He ate the melon right away and started on the rice and beans and actually told me it was good after 2-3 bites.  However that’s where it ended.  I keep telling him he needs to finish it, especially as I’d only given him a small amount to begin with.  His response, “I only like the beef”.  I told him I didn’t care that he was to eat it all and he tells me, “I don’t want to”.  When I responded back, crankily I admit, that I didn’t care and I was the boss so he had to do what I said he just smiled at me and says “No you’re not Momma, I’m the boss”.  It took everything in me not to just let him have it.  So I’ve taken a stand and I don’t care if he has to sit at the table until bedtime, he’s going to eat every bite of what Larry made for dinner and if he doesn’t he can darn well go to bed hungry.  If that makes me mean, so be it.  I’ve had about enough of this.

He’s also gotten to speaking so sassy not only to me, but every other adult too.  My sister, grandparents, etc.  It’s really becoming quite embarrassing.  I’m trying to discipline without spanking but timeouts aren’t working, neither is talking it out.  What’s a mom to do when her child refuses to use good manners and thinks its funny when we get upset with him.  I was raised that you respect your elders and don’t talk back.  I wanted Joey to grow up where he felt free to express himself but in a polite and respectful way.  If any of you out there reading this has any ideas please let me know because I’ve run out of options here, at least any that are working.

Original Post – Aug 21, 2011


We’ve had the best summer this year.  Had lots of playdates with Joey’s pals, went camping with the Monson clan, a lot of swimming in our pool and at our local lake.  My boy is growing up so fast into a little man that I just wish I could freeze time.

We planted our first garden this year – tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, cantaloupe and two kinds of watermelon.  So far we’ve harvested exactly one tomato which was very flavorful and juicy, but their has been only the one so far.  We’ve had lots of blossoms and Larry has faithfully been watering them on a nightly basis.  Joey asks me daily when we’re going to get to pick some more and I have no idea how to answer since I’m beginning to doubt that we’ll produce anything.  It’s been fun watching them grow though.  Still a little hope lives on that we’ll have something to harvest before summer is officially over.

Joey had his first sleepover party here at the house – four of his pals equalled a house full of fun and laughter.  They played cars and superheroes, swam and swam again, went to the park, rode bikes and scooters and skateboards.  The energy they created never waned and Larry and I loved every minute of it.  We’re so happy that Joey has such great friends to play and learn with.

We really do have such a blessed life – what more could we ask for?  Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Original post – Aug 17, 2011